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Friday, August 31, 2007



The following shots are all of moving subjects where the photographer has made the choice to set their camera to capture the movement as blur rather than freezing it. This is in all cases by choosing (or letting the camera choose) a ’slow’ shutter speed (although by slow you’ll see that the speeds (noted under each image) vary from anything from 1/30 second to up to 40 minutes).

MovingPhoto by Sara Heinrichs - Exposure Time: 20 seconds
MovementPhoto by Mr Bones - No exposure settings supplied
Blur-MovementPhoto by Mace2000 - Shutter Speed - 50 seconds
Long-Exposure-LandscapePhoto by Mace2000 - 50 second exposure time
Movement-BlurPhoto by Amnemona - No exposure settings given
Creative-BlurPhoto by PhotoToasty - Composition of 3 images at shutter speeds of between 1.6 seconds and 25 seconds
BlurPhoto by Ben McLeod - Shutter Speed - 8 seconds
Long-ExposurePhoto by zane&inzane - Exposure Time - 10 minutes
BlurredPhoto by WisDoc - Shutter Speed - 1/30
Urban-BlurPhoto by Wam Mosely - Shutter speed - 4/5 of a second
Blur-Movement-1Photo by Mace2000 - Exposure Time - 43 seconds
Dreamy-Long-ExposurePhoto by thorinside - Shutter Speed - 13 seconds
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Blogger David Hodges said...

Altogether thrilling! You've done a wonderful service by bringing all these images together! Thanks.

Fri Aug 31, 10:15:00 AM 2007  
Blogger NyOkieSue2005 said...

Thank you but I can't take credit as I simply shared on blogger what the clipmark people have posted. You can find a lot of interesting things on clipmarks and it enables you to share via blog,email or on clipmark itself.
They are thrilling shots though aren't they?

Fri Aug 31, 11:51:00 AM 2007  
Anonymous Junelle said...

beautiful :P

Sun Sep 02, 11:50:00 PM 2007  
Blogger Hoomant said...

They are amazing! I saw some of them in, but they were this like!

Wed Sep 05, 10:22:00 PM 2007  

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