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Thursday, June 14, 2007


The scribefire test went well as did the nightquil. I'm awake and my post was drafted in it's rightful spot (although I know now to uncheck the post as draft box).

All links, labels and technorati tags were displayed.

I like this thing, as one can use it to simply save private notes as well. No fear of losing my posts either. I'm extremely pleased.


I've been playing around on me.dium the past couple of days and it seems like a really cool service. They also have a group on facebook. It works much better when you have friends surfing online with you already, but I'm sure I'll be meeting a lot new people. Check em out!


Ning lets you create your own social network while they have several great ones already in place for you to join.

Add these to stumble upon, google, firefox and and you about got the world in your hands :-)

Happy blogging!

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