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Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Halloween is coming,
and the witches all just sat
If they eat up all your candy,
I don't give a rat's ass

The dogs are turning circles,
and the cats are sniffing glue
Ate all the little froggys,
They just might eat you too

Devils doing cartwheels,
underneath the moon
Just sit there and witness,
He'll be coming for you soon

There's a Halloween party,
Who'll escort you there?
Blindly grab a hand now,
If you think you dare

Mirrors in the dark room,
Candles on the shelf
If you find all the answers,
You just might lose yourself

Believe in what they tell you,
Follow with no clue
Borrow from the unknown,
Pay up all their dues

Network at the graveyard,
Share the drink of thieves
Once they eat the body,
No one ever leaves

Welcome to my party
May as well relax,
Might have kept your ass at home
If you only had the facts

Good to feel accepted
at one within the norm,
Visits you quite often now
Just not in human form

You think that you'll wake up now
Declaring it all a dream,
Thank you for your service
It does no good to scream....



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