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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

I'm Sorry

I'm sorry that you had to lie,
And that you had to cheat
I'm sorry you don't know the truth
Of which was your defeat

I accepted all the blame for you,
from when you were not true
I paid for all you stole for me
with all you put me through

I forgave you when you stole my cash,
Saving you from shame
For allowing you to steal from me,
I will take the blame

I carried you through turmoil,
I nurtured you through pain
I gave you all the tools you'll need
Still, with dishonor you remain

I aimed to keep you focused,
Against you, I sometimes fought
We both knew how to work with might,
Though different goals we sought

I'll continue to support you,
When reaching for the stars
No longer will you take from us,
That which is rightfully ours

On us you imposed your poisons,
In them you placed your love
As respect for your family diminished,
Faith in the them was placed above

You welcomed rot within our home,
And fed it our vital flesh
Now that the stench is all around
You want to start out fresh

You may only earn our trust back,
Love for you we'll always feel
But, leaving you in charge now,
Is like proffering a Drunk the wheel.



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