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Monday, April 18, 2011

Crosstown Traffic

Does the manner in which we drive reflect the way we live our life, or is it something that may be out of character for us in other aspects of life?   
What about if we don't drive at all?  Am I too polite, cautious and laid back off the road as well as on?  What does our driving say about us if anything? 

I run my errands in a thought-out "loop" the only spare of the moment stops would be within that loop.  I'm homeward bound from my last stop and notice someone tailgating me.  I look in front of me and there is maybe a car length or two between myself and that car.  I'm thinking I can't go any faster than the vehicle in front of me unless I want to some how become as one with that vary vehicle.  So now I'm curious.  I look back and there is no real traffic in any lane behind me and my follower.  The big Nissan is not in any kind of obvious road rage or anything, but could not wait to speed up and change lanes.  Was she going to turn?  Oh no, she immediately cut in front of me in the tiny space between me and the car in front of me.  I'm really not getting it.  As we approach the red light she changes to the extreme left lane.  She was already in a left turn lane.  I'm amused thinking, she HAD to be first in some line--any line--with or without reason.  She was no further ahead and what she did made no sense except that she had some hang up about being in the leader spot lol. I say "she" but was it a she?  As I pull up to get a look,( like I said, I am curious lol), I realize she is not a she but a short little man with black hair and dark skin.  Why did I assume "she"?  What in his driving suggested that to me?  hmmmm.  I guess it's 'cause it reminded me of PTA night in every school parking lot I've ever been in.  Is it because he was used to being first or because he is often last in his off road life that he was so determined?  If I were to challenge his concept, How far would he have gone to keep his status (if only in his mind)?  Kind of scary when you think of things like that.  A lot of what we do is no accident.  Was it just maybe a little innocent game he plays to amuse himself?  Or is it a serious part of who he is?   

I've known people that I have rode shotgun with that ....well, I'd kiss the ground when we landed.  They seemed like nice enough people off the road but I somehow had a different opinion/ interpretation of things as they cut people off blaming the others for it somehow.  They would tailgate slow people, I guess in hopes of frightening them so they cause a wreck?  I'm not sure what their reasons were,  but I know it is quite common to see this behavior amongst otherwise "OK" people.  My conscience really doesn't let me think they are "OK" for any of this.  If grandpa wants to drive slow in the slow lane for what ever reason that is fine by me.  I will smile and wave as I pass, or I will follow so that people can flip me off or tailgate me instead of him.  What cracks me up in a way is that people don't realize the fast lane is really the maximum speed lane.  In no way is it required to drive 100mph in it lmao.  Some people do not get this concept at all.  Which is fine if they can drive in control and with tolerance/respect for those who are actually abiding by the law, but this is seldom the case.   

I think it's important for everyone to realize this fact as well; Just because you have a good brakes, Does Not mean the guy behind ya or the one you are cutting off does.  So when you tailgate at certain speeds and don't let up when you see brake lights until you have to slam on the brakes, don't think the line behind will be able to stop like that.  I know these folks have full coverage and can't wait to collect their new car, but they seem to forget that they have to live in order to drive it.  Oh yes,  and no, you don't get to choose your lane when turning.  Really, you don't.  I know some streets are set up horrible and if you don't get in your lane immediately you will lose your chance for miles to turn,  but when you kill Gran' ma cause you think it's OK to take her rightful lane when turning left, You are crap.  Really, you are.   

Are people really as selfish and full of hate as their driving suggest, or are they just that stupid?  I'm not sure which answer I'm most comfortable with.  I realize people make Boo Boos too.  How we react to those mistakes, I feel directly displays to the world who we are.   

Maybe if we start thinking in terms of "people who happen to be in a vehicle" instead of "That big truck/little fast car" etc we will do better.  That "asshole" still has to go home to his babies and instantly become the off road Daddy he is.  And that "dumb bitch" hogging the road still has to make it to her off road life as a provider of milk and love to her newborn. That "prick" that you just flipped off may be the one interviewing you in an hour.  And that "slow old bastard",  may be your father and someday, if you drive right, may be you. 

Ah, but what do I know? 

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I had a blog once that just disappeared one day --not even a cached copy could be found. I'm thinking of maybe moving some from sites that are in bad health. No more 360 for instance but my blog is technically still there--I wonder if I should find a new home for it ....

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