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Friday, April 01, 2011

Random and Real

Globs of oatmeal left on table, screaming kids, no job, in my home, smoking a cheap burning paper type smokes, sipping free beer, and talking babble loudly.  That is a few minutes of observation.  His dog is barking for no reason outside.  His wife took off on some bogus mission.  I'm fighting to not snap.  More crap brought in my home when there was no room for what was already there.  After I got rid of my stuff to make room.  Worse than before.  So much more that I can't see from the solitude of my office.  I can hear him sniffling as loud as possible and groaning.  He has no regard or consideration.  His defense is that he is unaware although he is told daily.
Truth= There are many greedy selfish people in this world who have next to nothing as a result.  What they do have, they don't appreciate.  
Destruction, Chaos,Greed, Clutter and Selfishness.  



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