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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Typical Love Story (well minus the blood and guts)

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The rich, the bored and the 

religious make for a twisted 

 murder.  We all know them 

but not always where they 

are and when until it's too 

late.  We might be their 

dinner someday if we trust 

or follow blindly.  Perhaps 

we'll welcome their hearts. 


I always look for  movies 

the community 

doesn't like as they're usually the

good ones.  

This movie was the perfect 

Valentine's Day Story.  It's 

got it all:  Family's love 

(dad "missing"and "loving" 

her from the grave), Loyalty 

(she does just what Daddy 

says), Danger (cops can just 

ruin everything lol), 

technology (they met 

online),  lots of religion and 

symbolism,  and of course 

the unconditional Mother's 

love (his Mom).  Oh there is 

so much more but yeah, I 

liked this cheaply made 

movie lol It even depicted 

those catty type broads who 

hate on a true love story--

well for money of course :-)

Ah, what some of us will do 

for love......



"If you really love me, you'll______"  Just fill in the blank with whatever.  
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