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Friday, February 12, 2010


Blogger has me spoiled with the draft saved thing.  I wrote this long heart felt post and mistakingly hit the photo button not knowing this would be a different post all together and not add a photo and lost the entire thing (on this other site).  It started off just being a little update that grew so I didn't follow my own advise about using notepad etc.  Bad enough, but when I did a status update it came up blank afterwards too.  So I guess this means I am either a ghost or it just never happened.  I was so upset,  I had to unsubscribe myself from the very next newsletter that came my way, because as you probably know, this is what we do lol 
Thank you Blogger for your saving.  I should not have strayed.  
There is never a way to rewrite a post so that it sounds the same--I know because I've tried this before.  It just won't be from the heart---damn it and damn them.  



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