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Sunday, July 12, 2009


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I've weeded through my blogline feeds and it wasn't easy to say the least. Even some of the blogs that had gone five years without a post were, after all, interesting enough to me at the time to have saved. The ones that vanished were easy to decide on. I kept everything in my google reader which proved to be a duplicate and then some. Difference is, the google reader doesn't display the whole list on each of my blogs like bloglines does. So if your blog is still out there it's probably being shared on my reader on one of my other blogs. I had to neaten this one up as the blogline feed was longer than the posts and full of broken links. I really wanted to get the list down to 50 but I came close enough.

I originally had a related pic of google reader but for some reason zemanta pulled this old pic of mine up---I liked it better so here it be.

Merry blogging to all and to all a Good Blog...........

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