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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Invaders of the loud kind

I'm hiding....and I can still hear. OMG

Parents ignoring. Tots screaming. Shoes everywhere at all time. Tripping. Balls bouncing outside. Damn little sewing machine bike needs to run out of gas. "hi Mommy" as she looks thru my open window to my tiny closet room where I seek refuge.... hot as hell. I'm suppose to smile now. Yeah. Child fell. Helicopters. Dogs barking. Did dishes 4 times today and more in sink since 11 pm. More in living room. No way. No break. No silence unless someone is standing with fridge door open. No common sense-no bad sense-no sense at all. Constant senseless babble. Baby- talking large child as though to reward for bad behavior.

I invited no one but the lil tots who are good in my care. Yet all appear with large legs extended over my recliner arms. I suppose in hopes of breaking them. Feet don't withdraw as I struggle to make a path thru my own living room. Dark when there should be light--Lights were all should be dim. Over consumption and waste. Destruction.

I feel as though I should doze the house down so they will move on and leave me to fend for myself after they use me and mine up. Intruder 2 talking sarcasm to my child? Oh Hell no.

You can't teach common sense nor can you make someone develop a sense of conscience.

Burning and spinning has my world become.

Note--in laws won't have 'em at all ever. They can't "take it". Yet when all is said and done--they will be the wonderful ones. Their nerves won't be as shot I suppose.

Headphones--won't solve my block--or my stumble--or maybe my something else, but it will at least block out their damn bitching and whining, screams, stomps, crashes, spilling sounds, crying, and other dumb, fake shit.

One peak out of this room will be; burnt coffee in my pot, soda ring on my painting, possible trip over broom layed across pathway, strange odor, and numerous other acts of disrespect.

The strange electrical current sensation that ran thru my heart and soul has at least subsided for a while. However, I can't seem to unclench my teeth. I can't bare to hear any more stupidity nor can I witness anymore of the insane acts displayed before me.

Doors are left open to welcome flies. Each and every time. I remind each and every time. Door slowly closes after some delay. Repeat, each and every damn last time. I better hear no complaint about no A/C. No way in hell. Problem is, I may want some comfort here shortly. It won't be possible. I'm tempted to turn off the utilities and rough it until their departure since they can't conserve at all ever. But I can't imagine the mess when the lights did return.

I had better not leave this room.

I've texted my child for an update.

Feel better already aside from this tightness in chest and my sore teeth.

Tomorrow will be a better day as I focus on my real problems, perhaps.

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