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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

NonSmokeyOkie 2

I'm dreading the 30th already. I'm smoking winston 100's in the box which are deadly compared to the soft pack that they quit making. The only places that carry the soft packs are ones that order long in advance and store in a warehouse. Once they are gone that is it. I thought this may help me quit but it just makes me resentfull. The box is totally different tasting plus with the new ones the cherries fall off constantly.
I've been doing a little real research to find out what non smokers enjoy and I'm gonna tell ya--it ain't pretty. Those things/habits are not options for me to say the least. I hope they won't become possibilities for me anyhow.
I found a support site that wants you to go pro. It's worthless to me. The old one I had rejected me apparently as they won't send me a new password. I found a journal thing but I can't make it past the register page. It just sits there and then blinks back to the page I just filled out over and over again.
I think they are secretly trying to make me smoke more.
I told a friend of mine how I was quitting and she said "Yes that reminds me, here are some good coupons for your brand that I've been saving for the next time we visited"

I just don't want to end up saying "Ok so now I quit, now what?" Last time I asked that question and realized..........nothing--absolutely nothing. So the key thing is to find something to enjoy that you can do with the ease of smoking.
sketch or crochet ????
I might get in trouble if I snap a picture everytime I want a smoke but it's worth a try.

I need a better camera for that though.

I've been eyeing one
Fujifilm FinePix S1500fd
I also want a

PMC Hot Pot Kits

and a

for the grandkids

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