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Thursday, May 21, 2009


Ok so this is proof that no one smokes anymore. All the sites for quitting smoking have broken links or the registration page is lame or whateverittakestomakemycravin'assevenmorepsycho.
Anyhow, this will be my quit journal right here and now.

So anything entitled NonSmokeyOkie, kindly ignore lol

I will just let it out nice or not, true or false, hell just let me be wrong.
I want to quit smoking while I still have money and health. Not afterwords. However there is the nutso factor involved in which I have to deal with--without bloodshed. My smoking has saved many lives or so it seems. I will quit may 30th 2009 without killing anyone or having a nervous breakdown.
It's hard to concentrate when I don't smoke --I tried to quit before and the urge never went away-nor did the intolerance I felt for nonsmoking drinkers/druggies/over-eaters/judgemental/lazy/haters etc etc.
I wish I knew someone who was quitting or has quit but I don't.
So this is going to be my quit blog for a while-----The warning will be "nonsmokeyokie" on all horrible and boring "quit and going crazy posts"....I already know.
I'm going to try to finish projects or simply work on junk to fight the cravings. Water doesn't work for me cause it won't light. Walking turns to stomping and picking up rocks. I have a toothache that becomes worse without the aide of nicotine to dull it so the brushing of the teeth thing won't work. I've got a dentist appointment and quitting smoking will help justify the cost.
My blood pressure is really low and my lungs clear so I can't use that as a motivator, however I want to stay that way so I'm quitting. I figure 30 years is long enough and I am officially old now so I can quit. :-D
I may even do some Koo Koo drugs this time if I need to. I don't want a new addiction though. I also don't want to be one of those people who are just calm and sloooooooooooow and dazed.
This is driving me nuts already but only because I know what to expect but I also know I will do it.
I tried the angry at cigarettes thing and it really didn't work for me because cigarettes have been the only thing that were around for me for 30 years. They were only a few bux away from me at all times and hardly a mile. Nothing else has ever been so obtainable.
People share cigs before they will share anything else. Try being hungry some day--you'll have an easier time getting a smoke than a Ho Ho. Or a smile come to think of it.

Then there is the whole work thing. I could always tell a nonsmoker at work. They got allllllllllll the time in the world and you can't tell when they were on break or actually working. I'm sure this isn't true everwhere, but it is in my work areas. No sense of urgency at all what so ever. Liable to find them feet up watching the tube in a residents room. That's if you could find them at all knowing they could break anywhere. Smokers are found in smoke areas. Easy and accessible. They get the job done short of breaking their back 'cause they have a goal--a smoke. Non smokers can read their books and eat their twinkies anywhere.
My goal is to be a hardworking nonsmoker with a conscience, if that is possible. I want people to think I'm a smoker due to my friendliness and urgency. Non smoking break rooms are always empty due to everyone being a smoker and the nonsmokers asleep in room 3 lol
I was thinking of bringing a small sketch pad for breaks and hiding somewhere with it.

Driving,waiting,and telephones are challenges as well. When I'm home, I can always just sleep if it gets too bad or break up dirt in the garden. I'll be back with a list. For now I'm going to enjoy a smoke. I've cut down quite a bit already so I will be ready for my quit day.

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