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Thursday, July 09, 2009

Time flys when you need more of it

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Wow, is it really Thursday already? I closed my eyes like on Sunday and here the trash man has come again. Thursday.

I got that old rut thing going on. I ask questions like "Do I have to, really have to, comb my hair?" -"Must I really leave the house?" "Lets see, how long before they shut the lights off?"
Then I forget the inner conversation until I'm left in the dark with no A/C,food,etc etc. I went two days without coffee because I didn't have to work and there was no other reason to leave the house. When I finally got some after work (the third day) I tripped for the remainder of the night. That is what will happen when this fog/funk leaves me too. All will have to just stay out of my way.

It happens every 2-3 years and takes about 6 months. I have no idea if its the planets, global warming, or just the possibility of being koo koo for cocoa puffs. If it were a relaxing time it would be different but no mental clarity is not my idea of well being. Sun therapy works for a while. Sleep definitely takes off the edge. (the waking up part is hard) Maybe I should have put the pool up this year as I know that definately helps. ( I used to call that bleach therapy) Exercise would definitely help but that puts me to sleep when I'm like this. Time gets me out of it and there is hardly any left.

The theory of living like you are going to die tomorrow sure wouldn't help as I would definitely not go to work or pay bills. I would write a lovely letter to the kids and paint/draw a pic, perhaps a photo or two with a list of hidey holes and valuables. By the time I was done with this it would be nap time. If I didn't wake up dead I'd be pissed. I'd have to do my hair and pull some serious maintenance so I'd be ready for the big day. I would have already included strict make up, hair and bra instructions and photos on how I'm to be laid out of course. I couldn't even go to the thrown in peace as I don't want to croak there. Sounds like quite a busy day actually. Yeah, I'd die in my sleep.

Well, I'm feeling much better now. It's raining...again.
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