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Monday, July 20, 2009

And so I Google....................

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And so I google-"Should introverts go against their nature?" I got some interesting posts out of that one. They speak of stereotypes, labeling, with some interesting takes--not to mention the blogs that themed with that very question. INTJ for me after taking 6 variations of the main tests. Of course that is what introverts do. I have to be in the know--I just don't need to scream it. One article touched on the whole rude thing. I used to say--shyness was rude--I don't want to be rude so therefore I will pertend to be an extravert as I do everyday at work--then it will become who I am after some time. Against nature. Part of growing up is realising who we are and who we are dealing with. I'm an introvert (only 60% actually). I don't work in an introvert friendly feild there fore I'm the boldest person you will will never actually meet. I've decided the difference in introvert and extravert can be determined by what energizes you. What do you long for? A loud party or time alone. Everything else seems to be the same. We have the same interests most of the time --and the same goals once in awhile. there should be no appologies for the very nature of us, but unfortunately, the extrovert world seems to think there should be. What's worse is we introverts some times agree.
One article claimed there are more E's than I's and one the opposite. Measured by what? How was this determined? Did they survey the E's at the loud parties or go into the study of several I's?
I suspect us Introverts dig,tweet,share and bookmark more than Extroverts do. Extroverts shut down their computers quicker to go rob a bank or something--just kidding. We silently, provide ya'll with free advertising :-)
I question if it's really nature or just some label. Are we going by true definition or opinion?
We do what our roles/jobs require. Which is why an introvert may burn out after a few years of blabbering, or an extrovert after years of silence.
I am seeking a position where I can be true to my 60% and I've yet to find it. I guess that means I'm in and out of my head.
We are thinkers,observers. We read and we listen. Online, we don't always comment as your not looking at us prompting us for a response. Oh but we google lol. And our readers remain full if not shared. Extroverts seem to comment online and on they go and go and go--never to find you again--that is my guess.
Conclusion is --We are all nutz only at different decibals.

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Blogger Patricia Weber said...

NyOkieSue2005, in terms of statistics, right from, MBTI producer and distributor, on introverts: 1998 national sample of 3,000 people found that Extroverts are 49.3% Introverts 50.7% of that assessed population; Men are E 45.9% I 54.1% and Women E 52.5% I 47.5%.

There are other surveys with less population that find there are MORE introverts than extroverts using social media.

Patricia Weber
Blogging Business Sales Ideas for Introverts, Shy and Reluctant

Tue Jul 21, 06:18:00 AM 2009  
Blogger NyOkieSue2005 said...

Thank you so much for that information. I'm heading to that site right now. :-)

Tue Jul 21, 11:16:00 AM 2009  

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