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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Our Digital Story is a Positive One

FRONTLINE: digital nation: your stories | PBS

After watching this I thought of my own digital stories. I almost want to title this post "My defense of the Awesome Internet."
After years of mutual search by myself and my birth parents I purchased my very own computer. Within 6 months and thousands of registries we were able to find each other.(How it all began) Yes, Thanks to the internet there was that whole human interaction thing. With all the bogus information given to me by the state of New York and the offline agencies' and registries unwillingness/inability to ignore the same false info our search had become a dead end. That was until I got online. The internet has definitely enriched my life and gave me what should have been my birthright to my information. My adoption records were sealed and I was told in writing how I had no right to that information. My birth facts were changed. My non identifying information was false. Although I was searching for my dead mother and 5 older siblings, I found my very much alive mother and younger sibling. That would not have happened without the internet--at least so quickly anyways.

Too much focus is put on the negative parts of the internet. Those same people I'm sure put the same emphasis in all aspects of life. Yes, there are people behind the keyboards :-) I can't imagine the time, fuel and money I would have to spend finding the information this computer provides me with. The libraries and bookstores needed are not that close and certainly not open all night. Sure I could save on gas by walking, but I wouldn't want to run into THAT social network on my way. You know the one...or perhaps you're not from my neck of the woods. There is convenience and safety in my computer for the most part. As for that whole social thing--the internet enables one to meet people they would never get to face to face. I realize one should be careful online of course. But I also know this of offline as well if not more so. (the ax murderer down the road is a lot closer) Time wasters are time wasters-period. You can waste time looking up trivial info, playing games, socializing, creating, sharing, buying, and writing online or playing couch potato, over eating and watching the Boob Tube. And lets face it, until COCO is back there is really not a lot to watch on TV.

The internet is pretty much what you make it -kind of like your offline experience is. You choose. You may just have more options online. As far as too much time online? We have spent too much time on many things prior to the digital age. We used to spend to much time in the cave. Too much time at the bar. Too much time. ... If we are to waste time we will find a place to do just that ---with or without the internet.

I myself am happy to be a part of this digital time. Hell, I can't dance, but I can look up anything you want to know about it ;-)
To be continued.....


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