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Friday, February 12, 2010

One of Those Lives (just jibber jabber)

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There are many stages we go through in life and even more phases within them. This---This.....I don't know what the hell it is but it's here. I have not lost my sense of wonder but I have however, lost my tolerance for those around me (and there are many usually climbing all over the place) who have. They are so interested in things that are just....well just. Yet the most fascinating of all things they think require too much time, energy or thought. I know to each his own. But what DO they own? What can we share? Usually not much. I understand to a certain extent though as I have lost interest in many things myself. Not all things. Just a little of this and that...mostly that.

I'm back to work if for no other reason than to motivate myself to find something new. I have a project to work on as well and there is plenty of other things to do. I need ginko biloba if only I'd remember to buy it. I love my farmville friends but to be honest, if I don't wear funny heart shaped springy ears, paint my fluffy ass pink and go baaaaaaaa they really don't pay me much mind.

Valentine's Day is such a peer pressure. At times it tempts me but then my memory (that I usually need the ginko biloba that I keep forgetting for) kicks in and I think to myself "OH Hell Noooo!" Let freedom ring as I don't function well in captivity nor do I enjoy being aggravated. I wonder if there are those meant to be alone. There are probably many more of us who are than what we dare to imagine. Especially those who are in a relationship already. I lovingly refer to these unions as relationshits like I almost typed by accident ;-)

I think it's nice if two people are happy and by choice are together. I just don't understand the mentality of people who think you are supposed to be hitched. I know, I read a few books on infancy-school-mating-retiring= stages of life and goals etc But I also know people wrote those books and not everyone's goals are the same. I meet a person I think of them as an individual and forget that they could be married or what have you. Others seem to assume the opposite. So I'm shocked when these folks are not Independent and others are shocked when your NOT married. I guess it has to do with how they spent their own single years (or days in some cases lol ) I think it's the word single and what people think it means. Which they have a point as I've met "single" people who yet to be single for more than 8 hours at a time. That is why I describe myself as independently single. Yeah, actually single.
You see the dangers of Valentine's Day????
If it's not broke don't fix it...

But I'll take those chocolates before the door slams the rest of the way shut--Thank Ya.

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