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Sunday, May 01, 2011

Ok total time limit-zemanta test

I'm totally awarding myself one hour before I have to get to business.  So here I go fast playing online ;-) 
Remade from Image:Nuvola_apps_package_graphics.pngImage via WikipediaHard to break away some times. 
I also wondered if all the zemanta links I shared would share mine and the answer is no.  You have to submit your blog to them and I'm pretty sure it needs more of a theme than this one lol Tis OK.  However, I may submit my Adoptee blog instead.  I've imported a blog to this one but so far, see no sign of it other than in edit mode.
Also when you edit an old post Like I'm doing now, I notice zemanta doesn't work.  hmm.    I'm really not understanding these photo suggestions at all but it sure spices up the ol' blog lol 

American buffalo proof vertical editImage via Wikipedia
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Blogger NyOkieSue said...

Well the drag and drop works great so long as you type first--then drag and drop. I used to try it as I went along and it sort of spread it all over the place. I've set it so zemanta is to the left of the post --maybe that helps I don't know. Yeah, Still love zemanta.

Sun May 01, 10:15:00 PM 2011  

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