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Saturday, April 23, 2011


I've had a toothache where there is no longer a tooth but some sort of mass of root and jawbone for the past week.  It's been on and off for some time, but really ON this week.  I rinse and do all sorts of things that don't even get near the area as it's not an everyday toothache.  Ibuprofen is my friend but not a very powerful one.  I just realized there is such a thing as alcohol.  Cheers. I had some hidden away somewheres for about 6 months now--there is a shot left although there was half a bottle when I put it there.  Someone must have told me "cheers" and I was in my own little world or in pain with my toothache and didn't hear them.  I surely would have told them to put it back.
A couple months ago this very area was struck with pain and all of a sudden starting going numb and tingly at the same time.  My chin and the side of my face and nose were affected.  Weird to be numb and in pain at the same time. the strange feeling remained in my chin but the pain came and went.  Well the pain is back.  I drank some of the alcohol in my java and swear it had a direct route to the pain.  It's throbbing now but not with intense pain.  So now can I focus on other stuff for a change?  Or will I be half lit and unable to for a different reason now? It hurts to comb my hair and my face is swollen as hell.  The house guests have went elsewhere for the night.  My only words to Homing Pigeon all this week included "stop spinning" at least every other response. 

Fun Facts:
I know a guy who once slept on my couch and others, who was concerned about his credit.  He mooched all of his 30 something year old life and wanted to keep his credit good while destroying others'.  Yeah. 

I know of a guy who went 45 years without a drivers license and although he has had several tickets and violations, even accidents, has no points on his newly obtained license.  Yeah. 

I appreciate folks with bad credit and points on their license.  Yeah 



Blogger NyOkieSue said...

And No, I don't wish bad credit or points on anyone, not even them. It's just the idea of these things.

Sat Apr 23, 08:27:00 PM 2011  

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