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Friday, April 22, 2011

What's Cookin'/Burnin'

The strongest nose and throat burning odor just blew this way and all we hear are alarms and sirens.  I see nothing.  You can actually taste this smell.  I keep checking my news feeds and nothing.  Refinery problems of some sort.  I feel sick.

Update at 10:08 PM
Most the street evacuated since there were 30 feet high flames and vehicles speeding everywhere.  Population control I suppose.  No one would tell us either way or what each siren/alarm meant so to play it safe many have taken the babies and split.  I stayed here and told my family to ask the woman across the street if she needed out--she decided to stay and my neighbor to the North.  Peeps to the south of me took off later (didn't look out for anyone else) and people drove by and said "bad fire, you should leave" lmfao.  Yeah.  I could have walked with the blind lady somewheres I'm sure lol.  Anyways, It's good to know folks care.  This is funny actually.  I called East Tulsa and told my son how to handle insurance money if I croaked.  It's been going on since before the original post  8:42 PM) so plenty of time if they needed to get on loud speakers or anything.

Really no excuses for anything in this city lately.  Close down schools and spiffy up unused parks with expensive landscaping and decor.  I'm sure they'll say it's a different fund etc.  People really believe this crap too.  Hell, sell your wardrobe and keep a school open you jerk! lol Nut cases.  Lots of money --lotteries turnpikes---bad roads and no schools.  Fancy crap in an unused park though.  Wow.  But I'm sure they "have to"  Whateva.  I believe and follow blindly=sure.

Well, she hasn't blown yet :-)
I Think I'll eat that hamburg the kids left behind.

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