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Friday, April 22, 2011

Photos not too Grand of West Tulsa Fire

This bottom picture I took around 8 pm when I couldn't take that horrible odor stinging my eyes and throat anymore.  Didn't get the ones of flames over the roof tops as I was handing over my car keys to get those who wanted out out.  I stayed along with 2 of my neighbors. My daughter returned after 10 or so and took the other photos for me.  It will be burning for hours they say, it's now 11 pm.  I keep hearing popping noises but no BOOMS lol I hear helicopters. Click to enlarge.

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Blogger NyOkieSue said...

Uh oh, More sirens and alarms again---not sure what it means. Dogs are howling scary like.

Fri Apr 22, 11:00:00 PM 2011  

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