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Thursday, April 28, 2011


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This is only a test.  If this were an actual blog you would be reading it :-D 
I'm outta work.  I'm outta patience and mostly I'm outta room in my house.  I have a family staying with me for "only a week or so".  That was 7 months and one job ago.  the Grand angels can stay.  Thumperfoot and Homing Pigeon, as I affectionately call them must go.   My actual dependents are making themselves scarce as a result of their presence.  The sights, the sounds, the odors, the trash and the damages are constant.  The voices, OMG the loud tacky abrupt voices.  I didn't raise Homing Pigeon like that.  She acquired these things elsewhere.  And...brought them home like Homing Pigeons do.  She left the       nest and came back multiplied.  Loud math right there.  What I don't understand is she and Thumperfoot argue and yell constantly yet won't crap by themselves.  They like team up and fight publicly where ever they go.  There car is down, so they borrow mine and travel together to the most ridiculous places.  Like job hunting for example.  One waits for the other to piddle around and then they leave arguing out the door etc etc .  No logic, I'm not even going to try.  I'm going on vacation.  At least a day trip.  

In other news,  I looked back on old comments that weren't selling viagra, and found my reader--I then decided to follow all her blogs :-) And after re reading her post---I'm blogging again, be it good, bad or in between.  
May all your days contain bloggable information. 

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