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Thursday, March 03, 2005

I'd much rather be Blogging.

Ever since I started this blogging when I encounter something I don't like I now think of how I'd much rather be blogging. Or if someone pisses me off I now think of come backs like "You are so going in my blog on this one!" When something grand happens, of course it's "This is blog-worthy" lol

But in truth--------it's all blogable info. Maybe nobody will read it. It's therapeutic to just get it out there if not effective in whatever you're hoping to achieve with that same idea lol. It saves on paper that is for sure. Up with trees.

Ok so I need to get out more. What the hell else is new? For now I'm just blogging around. I read somewheres where you are not supposed to node about noding so I'm sure the same is true for blogging..........Nah! Blogging is freedom....Let freedom blog. Soon I won't have as much time for blogging so I may as well get my blog on now while I still have the chance.

I sure hope my team members will take over for awhile...................and to all, a good blog.


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