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Sunday, March 20, 2005

The Snake

"Mommy, the cat ran by me really
fast with something long hanging out of his mouth" said the lil one.
"Was it stiff or limp?" as my heart started to beat funny. "I don't
know but it wasn't a cord or anything and I know I'm staying back
here. Mommy, can a snake get under this door?"
I walked slowly and purposefully towards the living room. So far
so good. I was hoping to see a dead/dying snake that maybe I could
remove with a shovel. Of course I was ready to run if the cat still
had it in his mouth and would be running towards me to show off his
hunting skills. There it was. It was coiled up and not looking dead.
I ran like hell back into the bedroom to rethink my tactics(never
Ok so now we both are walking like we are off to see the wizard.
Good sign--he is still in the same spot as we stare trying to figure
out his condition. "We better get weapons" I say no longer even
trying to look brave. "Yes, YOU should get a weapon, Mom." lil one
says. I'm explaining the whole time how we know it's not poisonous
and it's supposedly scared of us(yeah right). Also it serves some
form of purpose like killing other gross stuff. I turn to choose my
weapon. I turn back-- It's gone. No sign--just gone. It's so not
dead. We run like the wind once again.
Needless to say, my house is now all tore up and cleaning day is
shot to hell. There it is going under the refrigerator. It's got
those yellow stripes and blotchy spots, about four feet long with a
tiny head. It's looking at me. I'm praying it gets fried under the
frige. It reappeared as I'm looking up snake killing methods online.
All I can find is dumb articles on snake away-glue-lime-sulphur and
how we shouldn't be inhumane or kill it. It's being inhumane to me as
it slithers under my chair. I jump from chair to couch to arm rest.

Ok the bastard may still be here or may have left thru the door I left
open as I ran for my life. I think the cat was wanting to kill it but
got scared himself. I don't know. I no longer care.

I just know someday I am going to be able to put my feet on the floor
and extend my legs once again. Not TOday. I have also learned that
if you arrange your furniture just so, you never have to touch the
floor at all.

I dealt with the rat much better. It at least was fuzzy and looked like
Mickey Mouse some what. This snake knows it's got rule over our activities
until it's death/capture. It never flinched in my presence nor did it
hurry along in a panic. It just slithered slowly and hatefully as if it
knew it was tormenting us.

I love Sunny. Really I do. I am going to repeat that as many times that it takes to convince myself. ;0)


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