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Sunday, March 13, 2005


Today wasn't a complete waste as I read thru (ok skimmed ) 10 primers on html. I learned four things that I was able to put to use right away. I also found some really good animated gifs that were easy enough for even me to add to my templates.

Weekends just simply do not last long enough for me. Just the mention of Monday makes me want to throw something. I try to savor the last bit of tranquility I have on Sunday.

I destroyed Saturday by my visit to that dark evil dungeon called the laundromat. After loading my clothes into a 50 lb machine (have to get it over with so I can resume life), I condensed my belongings in one little, easy to monitor, area. This is the point where you try to look content somehow while waiting FOREVER on your clothes. But there is peace in knowing that it's not usually at this stage that your clothes will get ripped off. I went outside to smoke a Winston, although there was what looked to be a wildebeest smoking a cigar inside. It was there I saw the black footed, greasy, Cheetos stained fingered, snotty nosed, pygmy, runt monster. I was frightened for my clothes---myself. The monster approached me as if to erase any doubt I had of the imposing threat. The creators of this monster seem to have been put in check quite some time ago. After changing dryers twice I was told "Oh that one may not work for you Hun, it doesn't seem to heat" by a dungeon attendant. I fled the scene with my clothes intact--yet wet.......... I'm NOT going back.

My attitude after that was less than cheery as my own monsters pestered about the drying rate of there duds. I also had to rely on transportation other than my Olds (who is still sick). Another reason I left while the gettin' was good. The mechanic blew my Olds off again=another happy event.

Yep, the whole weekend is shot. It's pushing 10pm and I'm holding on to that last bit of peace I will have for another 5 days or so. The church crew is back and being annoying with their lil demands ( not to mention the sickening lil giggles from about 6 feet away)

This weekend I also started on my project in the front yard. Translation=my front yard is tore up now.

I'll be so glad when this cold from hell is gone. I feel like someone blew installation in my ear straight thru to my aching brain. Fresh air=cold polluted air.

The cat rewarded me for my efforts with a big fluffy RAT. I eventually had to sort of TOUCH the damn thing to hide it from Sunny. I know he meant well and was proud of himself, but did he really have to put it in my shoe? This was done after an hour of Sunny throwing it in the air pretending to have killed it over and OVER and over again. It was his version of an instant replay for my amusement. "Why you wonderful, big, mighty hunter, You. Why you are ever so skilled. Now lets get the disgusting thing on out of here shall we?" I had to eventually get some Kleenex and do this tail pick up action thing without Sunny witnessing. (as he found the RAT a couple times already)

So after playing a mini game of FLING THE RAT. I had a choice to do something active, creative, one that involved thought, or make some coffee and look like I was doing something productive. I opted for the coffee. Why not, the cat,one of my few allies, was mad at me now anyways.

I used to have a friend named Timmy but Alpha male's presence ran him off. That and the fact Timmy makes himself scarce when I mention GYM partner or the like. Timmy is one of those platonic friends that is only that, in hopes to prey upon me during a weak moment. I have weak moments lasting approximately 2.3 minutes and Timmy doesn't have the skill to recognize when they occur. If he ever does recognize this weakness he'd be well advised to approach during the 1.75 minute mark, as before or after this peak time, I just may click into my Idefendme/AndhereIthoughtyouweremyfriend mode. If this should happen RIP, Timmy.

This weekend I also got a gmail account that I'm quite pleased with. I feel so special with my lil invite and all. The Google boards are ok, but just as dead as many others I've seen lately. I am starting to be more fond of Google lately, however. And I no longer skip past all the sponsored links like I used to. Now I understand them and realize what they are there for. Before I'd always make sure to scroll down to the unadvertised ones that didn't insure any more credibility than the previous ones. Under dogs can suck just as bad as the guys on top. lol

So I guess to sum it up I idled this weekend. But I won't get to do that this week ahead. As always, life is good.


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