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Monday, March 07, 2005


Today came over in a big rush. It didn't wait for me nor did it allow me any time to prepare. My eyes opened without my permission and my feet hit the floor without my say so. I moved slowly towards the coffee pot that no longer pleased me. Today left in a hurry without even staying for dinner. How rude Today was. Or was I the thoughtless one? Today must have been the one! Today took my thoughts away and left me with none. And here I thought I planned for Today and I know my intentions were to welcome today with a new spirit. But Today would simply not wait. I tried to keep up and even contribute, but it seems I only went thru the motions of unclear tasks. I have some memories but it all happened so fast. The outcomes--the achievements--yes; the yield of Today will give me the clues..... The car was sick --the mechanic came to docter--the car is still sick waiting on another part--the mechanic left with Today........Okay Dicoree came over but the phone rang and she waved a goodbye....and left with Today. The housework got done...but undone once again....still no yield. Today brought with it a fever, chills, weakness, pain, and emptiness........Today brought with it sunshine---Now it is dark. Today took alot with it--yet left ..................It cant be that it left nothing behind. Today may have left me behind or did I just let it go? Maybe I sent Today away. I needed Today for I dread Tomorrow. I dont want to remember Yesterday. I'll pay better attention to Today,Tomorrow cause I'm sure I won't want to remember it when it becomes Yesterday................. next time I

Maybe next Year I will get that damn flu shot. lol


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