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Saturday, July 16, 2005

Such is life...


Sat Jul 16 12:15am PDT

Twilight Day.........

Twilight Day.........

Yesterday my son's truck was running bad so I loaned him my car after giving him the necessary paper work and few last minute instructions. Off he went. AfterÂ… more

Here we go again , trying to use my FF browser and waiting forever for my fonts to appear after I blindly type them. How freaking aggravating.

I'm back on my netscape--slight lag to it, but not too bad. IE works best but as everyone knows, I hate IE.

I think I may start blogging in the style of letters never sent. It seems like the most effective way to rant. Perhaps I should start a team blog by that very title or one similar.
I can't say I've been bored 'cause the past two days were totally unbelievable. Sometimes I long for boredom. I've been reading thru a large variety of blogs lately and although I've added a few on my blogroll --there is one, although it's good for a few laughs, may have to be removed due to the biased, bigoted, stoooooopid nature of it. I wanted to include some Oklahoma generated blogs to my list--but this one is totally lame brained---See if you can guess which one it is.......
And no--it's not Brian's--lol Audience of one is a good blog :0).

360 is growing pretty fast and although the blog is primitive in many ways-the personal content to be found within them is pretty interesting--makes ya want to send them here to blogger. Spaces is like a secret place--no one comments or talks--and I doubt anyone ever reads them--A good one to send family to view pics.

And so I got booted once again but I didn't lose my post this time HAHAHAHA. The advantages of not using IE.

Ok let me make a stab at a letter never sent.....
Dear Barney Fife jr.,
Are you realated to Officer Powatripace in some way? You sir, are an idiot. You, of all people, should recognize a donut when you seen one. And just who the hell do you think you are to insert your stubby finger in my sterile ass creme jar anyhow? And the gloves you thought were meth lab related--did it occur to you why they were next to my jar of zinc, my badge, and my periwash? I'm so glad I didn't leave my thermometer in the car too. You would probably stick it up your ass to see if it channeled in some FCC forbidden channel. You actually referred to glaze from a donut as "chrystal type residue"? I wished you had wasted the departments time and money on that testing. That would have made headlines. What's unfortunate, is you will make headlines one day. Please tell me you have not already multiplied. Please. To think there may be more of you running around saying "yes sir boyz we um got em selves sum of dem der meth lab 'suspiacts!"
You are an embarrassment to every little boy who ever joined the department with pure intentions. Were you one of those out of control hallway moniters as a kid? Or just some fat stupid outcast who got high and ate too many twinkies then vowed to get all those kids parents and teachers back for daring to object to your girl's locker room viewing thru the little hole? Don't get me wrong--we are glad you didn't do the columbine thing that you had originally intended, but did you have to use a badge to hide behind? You are still the same dork you were when you were a kid. No one likes you--but there is no need to be bitter. Ok --I almost feel sorry for you , what with your mama not even liking you ( and laughing with the others at pta meetings), but for god's sakes --quit picking on innocent people. I know you're frightened of those big mean bullies, but it's not too late to start a new profession. I hear the circus is coming to town. You- under the big top, Think about it. They may even give you a little authority here and there. Put you in charge of popcorn clean up or something. Who knows? And you know I have your finger prints and although you were careful not to let anyone know what you did and when and where--I could probably identify you.

Sincerely yours,
Meth mobile owner aka subject of your paranoia and dellusion

That was kind of fun--although mild. I could have really slammed him better. What I said in that letter was a compliment to him lmfao.
What is really sick is I bet he went and told his buddys how close to a big bust he was. I bet they thought he was totally retarded. I'll bet he bragged on himself while they laughed their asses off. I wonder if he got reprimanded when the sgt heard about it?
I wonder if he told anyone who personally knew me about this and they went off in his face? Everyone that knows me at all ever KNOW I despise artificial mind alteration optained by an outside(of the body and mind) source. I don't even like prescription Koo Koo pills. Not when those people get behind the wheel and think they are normal despite everyone around them knowing their actions are loo loo.

I do realise, however, there are a few people that actually need them. When perscribed properly and taken as directed I'm sure they are effective. Most people abuse them or take them just cause they don't feel they should have to deal with their self inflicted reality that they refuse to change. A lot of people are spoiled so they stay in situations just to avoid having it rough for awhile. Usually for financial or convenience reasons. That pisses me off. Sometimes life is tough--deal with it and shut up. Blog about it. Do something about it or accept it--whatever. But don't subject the rest of us with your abuse and what you feel is retaliation. Displaced anger sux. Be mad at yourself--enough to change things. Sometimes one must pack a kid on each hip and leave with the clothes on their backs by foot and keep walking. Get in where its safe or hide until you find a clearing to take charge of your life--You may have it rough and get put down by a bunch of people who wished they had the courage to get on with their own lives--But you will have YOU and your children will learn a valuable lesson in self esteem etc. You keep that head strong and never conform to what you know is wrong. You stand alone if you must--but mostly you just keep walking and working. Life is awesome.

Dare to enjoy life despite them all. That is winning. Never act in accordance to a proper victim status. Don't do anything different because of or to spite a culprit. Even if it means to not acknowledge a given event. Once you act in accordance to something negative, you have let it when. It seeks to change you---Only you should have the power to change you---inspired only by your need/desire to change. We develop habbits. Replace bad ones with good ones if you so choose. Don't get me wrong, we have to do what we have to do, at the time we feel we need to. But remember about the habbits and keep your mind straight. Never give in. Example would be--if you have to stay up in shifts to ensure your household is safe because of an imposing threat; then do it--but once the threat is less likely--do not continue this practice. Unless you just think it sounds like a damn good idea lol.

Oh yes, my sunflowers are up to the porch roof top. If I had known they would have grown so good I would have planted them around the entire yard......the stalks are 3 inches in diameter approximately. Freaking cool. Next year I am either going to inclose the entire porch or border the front lawn with them like a huge privacy fence lol.

Gotta get some pics ..........



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