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Saturday, July 09, 2005

It's been a long and productive day. What it produced is beside the point. Before I tune out, I thought I'd add a tad to my blog. I forgot to pic up the new photos today as a ran my errands before work today. That will just have to go on my revised yet again list where most of everything else that I neglect ends up. Baby Angela is getting bigger and more beautiful every moment. It's amazing how just watching her sleep and make lil faces is so exciting. She is so innocent yet somehow--she holds all the answers to the entire world.
I cooked big tonight after work and it seems as though the entire household passed out as a result of overstuffed bellies. OOPs, sorry ya'll. But, damn it was good huh? lol.
I got lost in blogland reading some unbelievable stuff to say the least. I can think of a few locations were a camera would be effective but not in pee pee patrol.

My son, as much as I hate to admit, has a way cool 4 WD truck. He only got it stuck twice in one day, both times just in time for Marie to catch him (and scratch her head in wonder).

I have a co-worker who is about two minutes from being a resident under my care her damn self, that is a miserable biatch. Really, she comes into work that way every night lately. I just really want to tell her to go get a most likely, easier, higher paid job, and leave us workers alone. She could be a rude, grouchy, Wal-mart greeter? Maybe? I don't understand people like that although I try to be tolerant of all. It gets extremely difficult at times though. What would these people do if they had real problems? How would they deal with my realities? Probably by doing what they do now only magnified. Or, they would sease to exist. It's amazing how it's always the ones that should be the most careful of how they treat others are the least consciencious of their actions. IOW --she is the most likely to end up residing in my hall (hee hee hee).

I'm growing rather tired of crutch people in general. There is no accountablilty with certain religious groups as they have their instant cop outs; the devil made me do it, I don't have to explain as you are not a true believer, I just know ( not because it was drilled in by parents or society or anything), Thank God(not the human that went out of their way to be generous or kind), a well published book makes it so, I can hate all I want cause I have the first christian right to be a lazy white uneducated white man in an undershirt sitting on the coach drinking beer and damn it , the job should be mine!, I payed my dues so I simply must have my favors rendered, etc etc etc yadda yadda yadda. In the same group are the "give me a fucking cookie I quit using drugs", and the "waaaaaaaaah life hurst so bad I gotta take my script while driving into your baby on the highway" or the "I am from a broken home I must get drunk" or "I am too good and ever so much faster thinner better stronger than you. I deserve to feel blissfull at all times at all cost of those around me." I got a message to this group. Life is grand and sometimes it sux. Toughen up and/or shut up. You don't need to be gleeful all the time. blah blah. How about a cookie for those that faced it all head on, clear minded and on their own without mind alteration or a large network to hide behind? wtf? How about some awareness of what really matters? How about some compassion for those in need? How about once and for all looking outside of your selfish whining spoiled-assed selves?
If you don't like something change it or move on --wtf ever..Just please ..shut up.

I think of all the tragedies people have endured lately and it just makes me sick to hear of lil pissy ass whiners that have no clue.

Next week I challenge everyone to give what they have or do what they can. Donate blood money or time. Do something for those truly in need. And tell at least one whiner you know to shut the f$%^ up. I think that will make for a worthwhile week. And please don't anyone light any candle if you never lifted a finger to help when you were needed. I'm tired of little ribbons for this and that and banners etc IF you never even tried to be there when it went down. Contribute where and when it's needed, otherwise save your cry for recognition. The only thing we see is a hypocrite fraud.

I don't give to many local charities as there are many people who will never ask for help . The people who are actually in need can't afford to even get to or can't provide enough documentation for these charities. Sometimes they are afraid of the consequences of asking for help. We usually know who they are. If not -they are easy to find. Give a gift that they can't refuse and don't identify yourself in hopes of glory. Just a thought.

Enough of that.........I am so on a different kick now lol. It's java time and I guess I'm just not feeling the love in my outside environment lol. But here in nyokiesueland there are laughs and honesty and love..........ok and some arguments from time to time..........but there is tolerance and acceptance.
Life is good---live it.

stay tuned............


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