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Saturday, July 09, 2005

Another day in the Life ............

She looked up at the couple as she scanned the counter that was eye level to her if she got on her tippy toes. The fire red curly-haired woman was still there; yet was standing dangerously close to the door. Surely the woman didn't lie to her, as she had taken her on little day trips before. But this time it had been quite sometime since she had seen home. In fact, she wasn't quite sure where home was- but the red headed lady knew. She heard Fire Red whisper to the couple "Don't worry soon there won't be any memories at all. She will adjust. Just remember not to call her by any name at all for awhile." The male of the couple asked Fire Red "What was it you said she was called?" Fire Red answered,"Lucy." He answered "Ok." The female of the couple repeated "No names though, Honey." He said with a grin,"I know, I know" About that time, Fire Red rushed out the kichen door as the male blocked Lucy in the doorway of the kitchen. "Your name is Susie, got that? Susie is your name." said the man.
He looked at his wife and said "It almost rhymes."

It's amazing sometimes how one can remember so extremely far back yet not one day before that point. Lucy knew she had to wait to go home but didn't know for how long, nor did she know where home was. She vaguely remebered what it looked like. She had a stuffed animal or two that helped her remember Johnny and David. Soon those animals would be taken away in hope of erasing the memories completely. She remembered a man with big pockets who had a mouse in them. Usually it was candy. She knew these two new people were sad people- not like at home. There were no children here. Not alot of laughter either. Lucy knew as the sun set that Fire Red wasn't coming back and she may never see home again. The red headed curly-haired woman was a liar. Well, in truth, it was her job to lie. It was her job, to end this little girls life as she once knew it, to kill her dreams, her hope, to trick her into leaving her home. Lucy wondered if they knew she wanted to come back or if they thought she had left them like a traitor. Lucy didn't know the word traitor but she worried they would think ill of her for leaving. Fire Red just took her away and left her with these people. These people, who talked in funny little insulting voices to her and offered her baby items to play with. These very boring, sad, strange people who ate funny foods and had no friends. Lucy was dead now.


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