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Monday, June 20, 2005

Nothing is an Accident

I wrote the best entry in my msn spaces I've written in a long time, hit publish and Bamn! Offline and lost forever. Nothing saved, no memory of it, and back button not an option because of hitting the publish button---freaking gone forever. Just thought I'd share my torment lol. However, my solution was to write a boring post sort of kind of like it, and move on. And on I go. ( Complete with cat demanding I let him claw me as I consistantly throw him off of me stating "I love you, but get the hell off me.")

Baby Angela was born on my mother's (also Angela) birthday. I wish my mother was able to appreciate this fact or even comprehend it. Maybe she does and just can't express it to us. This makes her a great grandma. My grandbaby is awesome. Welcome to the world, Angela.

I'm about to change names to cover for the guilty so here it goes. Fat Albert came to the nursing home yet again to badger and police a resident whom we will call Bella. Chew Bella, Don't look at me like that,Bella, stand up straight Bella, Bring my fat ass a magazine,Bella etc etc etc I'm about to kick me some Fat Albert ass if he doesnt lay off of Bella who is in MY care. She doesn't like him nor does she wan't him there. He thinks he is some sort of drill sargeant. She is in a nursing home---Fuck her posture, you stupid control freak bastard. He now knows I am about to throw down on his wanna be pimp styled attitude ass. He is either a pervert or an out of control obsessive compulsive wanna be but can't be social worker. Maybe both. All I know is that Bella has expressed her view on him. She, like everyone else in the entire world, hates him. The way he talks to her with no respect at all what so ever is enough to make you want to kill his loud talking rediculous ineffective nontherapeutic ass. He even wakes her up to have a bm because his untrained uneducated ass thinks she should go when he wants. Her reaction to him is negative. She tenses up, doesnt eat, and can't even shit after a visit from him. If he sat next to me policeing me while I tried to eat I would either choke to death or strangle him. If anyone walked in and didnt know anyone or anything at all while he was there---they would know "Bella". Because that is all you hear during his visits ; Bella this and Bella that over and over and OVER until it echos in your ears forever. He is so loud and annoying there is no way he is anything but a detriment to her mental health. He is completely unbearable. I had to tell him that I was not at liberty to break her confidentiality. She has a right to her privacy. Then he tried to stare me down and was quite shocked when his eyes met mine. I will fight to protect the residents in which I assist. I'm within my rights and he had better step back to within his own. If I spoke in his own language it would be "Mind your own damn business, Freak"
I don't know what his problem is --but I do know his intentions are not pure and he needs to go pester himself --quietly and far far away.

As a drove to work this Father's Day, I noticed 3 cars pulled over ---wtf? Was it done in hopes of lil babies saying "Where's my daddy?" Was this a gift for Father's Day to the cops? Perhaps it was to make sure Daddy got nothing except bond money or something? I hope they were looking for some mass murderer or something and not trying to ruin a holliday. Of course in the town that I seen this --it makes ya wonder.

I guess this is a test post as it is being written in my IE --you know the one where you can't hit select or copy for some unknown reason? My firefox has been failing miserabley with blogger.

Tuesday is my day off and I can't wait to go play with my new grandbaby. She is about all I can think of these days. 8lbs, 20 inches of pure beauty. She holds all the answers to the entire world.

Of course a day at the beach sounds good too. bbq-taking pics, tanning, swimming, ah the life!

I got booted twice since I started this post=scary.

When I returned home tonight I found my door unlocked. I'm not sure if it was my son or what but I know for sure I locked it. I don't know why, but I immediately checked all the rooms out humming the theme song to Hawaii Five O with pepper spray in my hand lol.

I had a wonderful f-ing conversation last night with a new friend whom I look forward to chatting with everyday. We have a lot in common and enough in contrast not to get bored-;0) He is kind of cute too.

Tune in tomorrow night................


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