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Saturday, May 14, 2005

Mother's Day

Mother's Day was grand, of course I had to work a double on that day. The lil one was cool with it, however, Homeing Pigeon stated that she and Thumper Foot will go visit his mother who has time to visit. Homeing Pigeon was going to share her wedding pics with me but forgot 'cause I was working instead of home waiting to view her pics. The pics are now in the garage at her new home that awaits her and Thumper Foot. I had three moms (see how it all began*)to buy for--two still await there belated gifts. What Mother's Day reminds me of is not my own Mothers so much as the fact that I am so appreciative that I have 5 healthy children whom I love. It is a gift in itself to be a Mother. I also think of my ex-common-law-step-children and how much I miss (at times) and love them.


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