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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Truth is Poison .......

I feel a great confidence and peace in telling the truth despite the fact it is poison to many.
I'm not referring to some excessive garbage that need not be told nor even considered, but urgent, useful, and preventive facts.
Those who ignore it or who are angered by it should be held liable for it. One could say, "You now know."
If you are blind and deaf to the facts, you are ignorant of them by choice.
This choice should not be an option of those in authority.
If you choose to play god than play it right. Listen with an opened, unbiased mind as opposed to an empty,prejudiced mind.

It is a given value that in many types of forums, revenue and financial gain are of the only priority; this in itself is the true corruption. Protocol=which will make "us" money. This concept should and will cost in the end.

The truth persuades no one where as a deceiver/liar is skilled in the art of persuasion. They are quite practiced, and in a lot of networks, are valued for this. One armed with only the truth lacks in majority favor.

I will stand alone, unpopular, armed with only the truth...Persistently. That is the one thing that a liar will fall short of. Unfortunately, it takes time; time that is not allotted us.

I'll be watching you--and when the truth is supported by future acts --I will remember--that you at this point in time --Knew. And you chose to ignore.

Good luck in the next election.


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