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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Yellow Checkered Nightmare in Tulsa OK

Yellow checkered cab in Tulsa eats moosecaca. I called them the night before I was due to work at 5:45 am. They said "Don't worry, we'll have ya there in plenty of time." I even confirmed it in the am. Then they were late--I call back again and hear "He is still trying to get someone out there." Who in the hell is "he" and how is he going about trying to get someone out here? Why does he have to try when it was set up ahead of time? I call another one they are 2 hours backed up. I finally call executive and they get out here in an hour plus the guy gives me a cell number for future rides ( which I am too broke and too scared to use). I can not afford to miss hours upon hours of work again. Well my job is secured after missing 2 days and being late thanx to YELLOW CHECKERED NIGHTMARE. Unbelievable. The boss said the fact that I didn't slip out the door when he told me we were about to have a pow wow helped a lot. I figured even if I got fired, I would have to return the manual and shake his hand and thank him for the oppurtunity that they gave me to work. Thank God and Thank him I still have a job. It is of no thanx to certain friends and family. A nice neighbor towed OLDS back to the shop for me and wouldn't even except a money for helping. A good friend at work offered to let me stay with her since she lives close to work on days that I couldnt get a ride. Marie has been toteing me back and forth to work from her house that is also near my work. When I applied for this job I too lived closer.

I have been working hard and learning lots this past week. I think I'm well suited for this job, however I must stop eating in their cafeteria as my stomach is now placed on my lap. The charge nurse is way cool--full of character. The snippy girl I spoke of in one of my recent entrys has done just as I stated. She moved on to torment yet another set of co-workers. I missed being home this whole week yet I wonder to myself--Why? They let my phone and internet get cut off for non payment. The puppy is still here and they have done a lot of gross stupid things around the house. I even came home with groceries for the undeserving vermon like pests. When I seen the pots and pans in the fridge I did a quick sweep of all its' contents (including the milk I had just bought). I did somewhat of the same in the bathroom where apparently, they had confined the lil beast. I won't be mean to a lil animal. I want it gone just the same. My cat has been treated unkindly while I was away and my dog was crying in the backyard. I will investigate this tomorrow after I find a way to the garage, bank, to pay the phone bill, and to hell (also known as the laundromat). YELLOW CHECKERED almost cost me my job.(worth mentioning again)


They never called from the garage so I called them during work. That is when they told me they couldnt fix it because it wasn't running. Yeah, I know. That is why I sent it to them. I think the mechanic was insinuating that I worked on it since he did. I drove it home and it never took me to work the next morning. I never worked on it other than to charge the battery again and take it to them on a rope. Now it sits in the front parking lot unlocked, with two new dents, waiting for me to take to yet another garage or home. Maybe I will get it out of there tomorrow. As I type the abandoned puppy just pooped on my floor. They need to get rid of it --not me.

Now Knowitall Thumperfoot just spoke that he can't sleep cause someone dared to speak. I'm going to have to go Xena on someone's ass here soon. This is my fucking house and when someone drives me to cuss in my otherwise g-rated blog, someone is about to go down. I will hurt a MOF if need be. I have been home only a few hours and had to clean after working 8-12 hour days 7 days straight. They all come and go yet can't even give me a lift. I am tired of the shit. They all just kicked their feet up while I was gone and entertained etc. I had to stay away from my lil one and my castle in order to work like a dog to support this kingdom. It was quiet as can be--after the puppy did what he did I called for my son (who's gf originally brought the pup here). Thumperfoot woke up after one word? Perhaps he should get back on drugs if he can't sleep to that extent. I'm fixin' to blast me some tunes. Damn the fool to fuck with me in my castle. I am the queen of this shithouse. Funny thing--lil one is fast asleep and didn't wake up --nor did the boys. Perhaps Thumper should get a real job where you don't sleep so lightly afterwards. The lying prick. He just needs to put on some heels, hose, and a moo moo then just shutthefuckup. The waltzing fag. Nothing wrong with fags btw, but it's a grand insult for Macho Boy with the nerve-damaged thumping foot.

This has been my week. I have earned enough to knock out all the bills thus far, however, not in the timely fashion they require. Confusion say: ohfreakingwell.

I feel something brewing although the house has returned to its quiet state.


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