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Monday, March 28, 2005

Life without Wheels

Life without wheels is kind of like a diet of cheese. You get full of it but you never really go. Damn the highway-damn the road and damn my fake knowitall lieing wannabe mechanics. May they all get parked like my car. "She is all fixed" they say. I did make it to work and to pick up and drop off a co-worker. I made it to the highway. Then came that old familiar backfire and loss of power. But now there is a new feature to this ride: Freaking white smoke. I looked like a big hunk of dry ice on a griddle. So off I coast to make the call to the voicemail ( just in case they wonder why dinner is late). I pull in pervyland parking lot feeling like a big fat fly before hungry toads. Thank god I got it started again as I chugged my way to the next off ramp. I made the left hand turn before the semi's got me. Chug chug pop pop--I coast off again and wait. I almost made it a little closer to home but got cut off by Mary Poppins on her way to her weekly umbrella fight. That was it-- I'm dead and smoking. Smoking dead. Help arrives only to get me to the next vacant parking lot --I unpack the ride and go home leaving OLDS behind like an unloved orphan. Hours later AAA sends the knight in shining armour tow guy to take OLDS to the unspeakable. A real mechanic. A real two weeks pay most likely. That is if he is nice and cuts corners like I wish for him to do. The AAA guy was cute at least. I leave my note and my car and my keys--like I agreed, for the mechanic. Hopefully I didnt leave them for a thief. Who knows what I did? I'm home blogging and panicing that I get to work on time in the am.. I knew it was too easy. I knew things were to smooth.

I had one hell of a good time in my past life. I'm damn sure paying for it now lol. Life is still good DAMN IT!!!

I have a new co-worker from hell. She is one of those. It's been years since I have viewed someone as a target. I just wanted to tell her "Don't you know ..." nevermind. Truth is for some reason I wanted to punch her in the ear. I guess because as she talked her shit she wasn't facing me--it's like "Hello-I'm still real close to ya, Dumbass" but that is what she wants. I met one other person like her in my life --so I guess that means I will meet another one in 19 years. They enjoy pissing people off and then acting innocent. Another co-worker has got this girls number also. I imagine everywhere she goes people want to hurt her and she enjoys rationalizing as to why. Then she leaves to find a new group of people to enrage.

I enjoy my new job, however, and will not let her destroy it for me--hopefully my car will not destroy it either.

People sure tend to make themselves scarce when you don't have wheels. They are right there though when it's their car that is down. Imagine that. I've shelled out more money for rides I haven't got then I would have spent for gas in 6 months.

I'm dying to add in "on a lighter note", but I can't seem to think of anything in that category right now.


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