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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Solitude at last......

They are gone at last. I have the house to myself with no annoying music etc. Today is my day off and although it could be a tad more cush, I'm at peace just the same. I'm not pleased with my PSA's I've been getting from Google, but life is good. I wonder if it has to do with my rants on yellowchecker or the f* words used? Nah--probably just something messing up in blog land. It's sunny yet cold in tulsa right now. I'll probably work on the yard some more next week. I'll see what I feel like doing here in a bit.

B and D auto in Sand Springs is working on the OLDS this time. Hopefully I will have a successful report on their service. Yes, I had to move down in the alphabet from B and L in West Tulsa. B and D had it towed from B and L and added it to my bill for me.

I'm incomplete without my headphones that the intruder chewed up. The lil stow-away is half red and blue healer. Cute lil beast he is. Anyone want him?
I may have to introduce him to LEO. Maybe they can be friends for awhile. *Note; never let a puppy get a hold of rice.

If all goes well my OLDS repair I will get all the little things done for him as well at the place that did the most good. And of course I will write a good review in my other blog on the place that did it.

I'm firing up some tunes=the hell with it. The yard is full of snakes this time of year. It will take a few years to learn how not to scream and jump at the sight of them. Speaking of snakes, did I mention Yellow Checkered cab in Tulsa sux? Well, they are the devil. :0)

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