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Saturday, May 14, 2005

The Yard

The Yard.............The bird bath is placed and the Tithonia's are planted along with some Teddy bear sunflowers, and torches. I have successfully blocked off the killer steps with a box of herbs strategically placed, in order to ward of the Mater Smashers*. The ugly meter/pipe spot is now camaflaged with a variety of plants and flowers. The next project will be the feeder and to give a new shape to the entire edge of the lawn. Since I have a community of mailboxes in my front yard for some unknown reason--I have decorated them by bordering them with bricks and white chrystal rock. (nice under 10 dollar trick plus no need to water or weed). Maybe a lil cement bench will be added under the neighbors pine tree that provides the only shade in the front yard. The natural privacy fence of sunflowers is off to grand start. The backyard will remain somewhat generic this year --well mowed with all the dens,holes,mounds, and pits present. The volleyball net has become a permanent fixture somehow along with Leo's igloo doghouse and that exercise bike that is used for ......I can't remember. The boys have a tent up next to my B-B-Q pit ( doubling as a campfire) so I added a pool and a huge pile of sand for effect lol. I don't think i will rip down the honeysuckle this year as it looks a little less weedy for some reason(or I'm getting tired)


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