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Saturday, May 14, 2005


If it requires a cage, please do not set it loose on my tomato plants. While I was at work, slaving away, Homeing Pigeon's neighbor/friend stopped by complete with kid, sister and her offspring. While standing in the middle of my garden with her West-side genetically incorrect clumsy feet, she told the lil monster a weak "no no". This was done while she her self stomped my fencing and my plants. They made some lame attempt to fix it while even Homeing Pigeon tried to come to my and my maters defense. I'm not sure the series of events following, but I know I came home to witness the results of the Mater smashers in need of cages. Why in the hell would you see a fenced off area as a place to stand anyways? Ok, so I'm thinking at this point, short of a drive by, maybe electric fencing? A mote with alligators? Barbed wire? A water fountain/pond?

The solution for now is an herb garden, more fencing and a sign. Yes, I was able to splint my maters and I'm confident I will have the best maters in town. Speaking of maters,........nevermind (see prowl*)

Felona said (behind my back of course), that my maters were too close together so it was just as well they got smashed. Thank you, Bitch, now my maters will be the bomb. Just because of you trying to curse them, they will be the most blessed maters. Good luck with your hobbies. What are your hobbies btw? Now that you no longer "cook"?

Speaking of crank-ho-degenerates with bad hair, this brings us to my lil one's friend's mom. The thieving low down genetically incorrect demon from the Westside of Hell. Lil one went with them to some after school function, leaving her purse on her "friend's" table in her bedroom. Lil one returned and you guessed it --no purse. The purse had a hard earned 25 dollars in it. Regardless of what happened --it's on the mother (who tried to play it off). The friend did some covering as well. This was a week ago. If a purse was left at my house-I would make a frantic b-line to that person to make sure it was returned intact. Not this peice of vermon. I was actually hoping that maybe she would replace the money that she no doubt spent, and act like she just found it. But she wasn't even decent enough for that. I told little one to act like she believed the money could have fallen out in hopes of at least getting the purse , housekey, and personal items back. Lil one has learned her lesson, but what sux is, the thieves haven't. The father seems sort of decent and hard-working, but is not in control of his Koo Koo wife and her offspring. I will try one attempt to talk to him since the wife apparently has no conscience and will only run game, but I'm not real hopeful. Lil one has also learned that there is sometimes a reason people are outcasts and it is by no mistake that friend and mama are uglier than crap. You can't judge a book by it's cover but sometimes the cover offers a good summary of the reading that follows.


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