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Saturday, May 14, 2005

Revised Goals (Once Again)

Every so often I like to re-think my goals especially the shorter term ones. I must drink more coffee, tan nice and even, take more mental notes of bloggable events, lose at least one more size and tone up. Ok an even shorter term goal would be to mow my legs that I keep covered under scrubs all day/ everyday. It's getting to where I can play a concerto by rubbing my legs together in a certain ever so attractive way. Although at times I feel kind of cool knowing I have hidden Sasquash qualities beneath my uniform. The whole Amazon Warrior Princess thing is fine, but I may have to modernize a tad more. More goals would be to get done with my lawn thing (pics coming soon) , pay off my damn bills, and redo my son's room. Oh yes and fix my foot that my high dollar comfort shoes tore up. I have this bone like thing sticking up now (not as good as it sounds lol), and I'm back to wearing the cheapys. I guess I can use my new shoes as yet another herb garden as that is how I've been solving other problems here lately ( see cages*)


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