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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Pork and Beans.............

Tonight when I got ready to clock out-I noticed a co-worker still sitting there waiting on her ride. Problem is, she got off 3 hours before I did. I remember it well, My Olds was down and it was like pulling teeth to get a ride. It even drove me to blogging in excess lol. Off we went to take her home. As it turns out --she lives right near my son's gf's apartment. Perfect opportunity to get the grand tour. So we did. Not bad for being in such high crime rate location. I'd feel better if all the walls were bullet proof. My co-worker is off tomorrow but I shared some contact info with her for the near future.
When I got home, I made a short pot of coffee (all out of coffee and creamer now), and searched for something to eat. It couldn't require water as I paid 90 instead of 92 on the water bill and they took the meter. They are so sweet -you know. So if I have time--I'll see about it tomorrow before work--if not- I'll just simply bring some water home with me after work and shower at one of the kids houses. No worries. I've learned not to be upset especially at a greedy city utility company. Then I heated something up right quick --it didn't quite hit the spot. Then I rediscovered pork and beans cold, straight out of the can. I tried to remember when the last time was I did that and where, and why. Then it came to me. My father taught me that--I remember him saying "Nothing like it in the world. It's what we do on fishing trips. The cowboys even do it ." I remember my mother actually getting angry, saying he was teaching me bad things lol. Then years later My ex despised this practice too. Ha ha ha. Oh yes, I love pork and beans, cold, straight out of the can. And oh yes, how I hate my ex! lol. He too, used to actually get angry over this...lmao. I don't actually like the taste---but there is just something fun about eating them. I should have taken a pic and sent it to him lol. One of these days, I will complete all these entries with the required pics lol.
The whole pork and beans thing is a great concept to live by. There is something about it that says a big F$#@ you by me eating it. There is no law against it and it's my god given right to do it although I know it bothers you lol. In fact it used to kill my ex. Anything straight out of can bothered his phony functionally drunk ass! Cared ever so much of appearances he did, yet neglected the most important things that were a reflection of his existence. I think I will mail him an empty can of pork and beans with a plastic spoon complete with lipstick marks on it. It will have a note that says "And I still look better than you"
What is wonderful is --I can do what I want and no longer have to worry about anyone bothering me about it. Let freedom ring.

Sometimes I forget that I am old. It's strange, but sometimes I think to my self "Why are all these old ugly perverts hitting on me?" But then I realise some of them are even younger than me lol. I guess its because they are so like going thru weird phases. It is so annoying. They are either lazy or trying so hard to prove they are not. They can't just live and be happy. Everytime I think I may be clicking with someone I find they are on some strange form of bad trip. Usually it's some serious hang up or psycho disorder. They are for the most part, stuck on stupid lol.

I have a real good friend who never sleeps nor does she feel anyone else should. The woman can go to bed at 4 and go to work two hours later. Not even so much as a nap afterwords. She honestly believes others should do the same. Even when she gets off work she makes many many trips to different stores. She never makes a list and trys for a loop of errands etc. Just back and forth, back and forth. She came over this morning and actually thinks there is something wrong with me that I planned out a full 8 hours sleep. I just don't get it. Maybe she is somehow afraid of sleep and what dreams will come. I'm not sure, but I do hope she learns tolerance of those of us in the world that sleep.

Speaking of which....
stay tuned........


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