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Sunday, July 17, 2005


All I have to do is live thru one more day at work and I got two days off -----Yippeeeee. I've been reading some interesting stuff on blogs and stand alone trackback pingers and having a little fun with yahoo 360(which is still beta but no longer by invite only). It's no blogger but it's great for networks. I'm having this little man come over to do my nails soon. Ok, maybe not. It seems I had to recuperate today from the past couple of days. Waking up is hard to do. Isn't that a song?.......

I'm not taking care of any business on my days off nor am I answering the phone or doing anything I don't want to do. At least, so I say now.
It's been a long hard week to say the least, but never a dull moment.

You know you've been blogging too much when you start a silly little blog just to check out a new place and when someone tags you as foe you about start to cry. Then of course it doesn't reveal who and it makes you even sadder lmfao. Yes I was categorized as foe by one user. So --I had to label someone as foe in return ( I assumed it was the one that I followed the link from) I'm really not sure. After I did a little more homework on this foe thing--I realised you do this to simply filter out what categories show on your start page (or whatever you want to call your main page). So, it's like an ignore list but not as personal. I felt a little better. Maybe it was someone who followed political blogs and didn't want to see romance pop up ---that helps lighten the blow anyways lol. I'm not going to scrutinize the content of this one paticular blog entry I posted or I'd come up with too many possible scenerios. Ok, I'm still sad that I am anyones foe.....And I am scared I "foed" the wrong party. ..........................ok I'm over it now lol.

I'm starting my new gym membership next week--I can hardly wait. I had to lose 5 lbs before I did this(and I did), raise a little savings(which I did), and get my mind right(can't have it all).

Stay tuned..........


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