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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

End of first day

I made it thru to my days off and here I am, ready for bed after my little evening nap, a overly full belly, and a burnt forehead. I hear some slamming noises outside from the neighbors??? Looks like I may be staying up just a littl bit longer. Today was fun even the part where I fell asleep in the sun. I came out of that without being too uneven despite the fact the I spent a certain amount of that time on my side with a towel half covering me......Damn that vodka. Rum goes better with the sun. I made a bunch of unnecessary purchases today including another x-mas gift for someone. I guess the half priced whale was needed even though lil one and I got in a "fight" over Whalin'. Yes we named him. It seems Twink and my mutual friends think a day in the sun would be too "costly and time consuming". There isn't much we can do to retrain them at this point. We tried to explain that all that kind of preperation takes the fun out of stuff anyways, but I feel they would only go if they could turn it into a replica of their dining room table. Not much point in that. Next time, however, we will have to bring bandanas (for me and lil one's wild bushy hair that drys in two seconds after swimming) , and straws (so as not to have to sit up to drink). Sports bottles take too much effort to refill
Tomorrow will be one last stop at the bank, and some new scrubs and a couple of small misc. items I neglected today. I'll have to pay some attention to my lil grandbaby as well. These things will consume the whole day leaving enough time to get home and cook dinner.
I'm not hearing any more noise out there--not sure if that is a good or bad thing.
My bite is healing up nicely but the bruise part is getting bigger and bigger. It's one of those things like biting the inside of your cheek or hurting your toes--it's prone to further mishap. Every resident has either pushed or squeezed that portion of my arm ever since. And if I could just remember that door frames are around every freaking door , my bruise may actually go away. The tan is helping cover it up, but you can see clear enough that it's all but wrapping around my forearm. I may splurge just a tad more and get me and lil one new swim suits. I'm growing tired of mine and it's showing signs of tiring of me as well. Lil one just needs as many as she can get, as she, unlike me, goes to far more public type swimming sessions.

I'm not sure where that photo comes in as far as this blog entry is concerned, but hey, this image adding feature is just plain out cool. I shall get some of my new pics online soon--they will have to be scanned. I haven't yet done the digital thing yet and my webcam cord is only 20 ft. lol.

I can't wait to get back to the gym--it seems I'm going to have a buddy or two afterall. I'm such a good motivator for others .......if only.......well, you know the rest.

The rest of this week is going to be Operation Decorate. I've had plans for this room and that for too long. I'm tackling it this week. There won't be any idling for at least 5 days straight. I can't wait to tackle that storage house --it will be like x-mas. ( which reminds me that I will have to move some items to that certain lock trunk since my x-mas pile is getting bigger)

As is good.


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