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Saturday, September 24, 2005


I am sooooo taking the nite time, sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, stuffy head, fever, so you can rest medicine with my coffee and am going to blog about it. Actually, my son left it here but I figure since he also left empty food wrappers, dirty clothes, dirty dishes and numerous other creative messes, It was only fair. It will be kind of fun to see which drug wins. Such as life has it's ups and downs --so do my meds.
I was on a quest to get an appointment to see docter. I was told about one place that would take new patients that was a crappy place one would assume was sliding scale or free. Turns out it's more expensive than a fancy place. The health department only helps people get laid it turns out. Or if you already got laid and contracted something. I think there may be something for senior citizens as well. But, try having a valid health concern nothing for under a fortune. Last minute I thought of a place not far from home and with offices all over the US. Planned Parenthood. I remember seeing their ads and how they seems to cater to women regardless. Well, I was seen the next day, it fell under something like a Well Woman visit, and got excellant care. Finally. Although they do family planning they were not against a simple check up in fact they were all for good health! So glad I went. Treated with respect as well, which is extrememly rare when money is an object, especially in Oklahoma. Lots of wonderfull information there that they, unlike other clinics, are not selfish with. The receptionist was polite too. DAMN! Like THIS happens! Well it did, and I recommend them to anyone who needs medical care. Oh yes, and the waiting time was nill. 10 minutes at the most and I'm guessing.
After calling so many places by the time I got to them I all but said "Look, I'm old but not that old, I'm of child bearing years but not bearing any and I'm not looking to get lucky. Can you still help me?"
I have enough meds now to cure any uri uti etc for the next ten years. I can ward off anything--just kidding. I tried to get my script filled near where I bank but the little city hadn't ever even heard of the common drug. It's an antibiotic that is used in a wide range of illnesses. Soooooooo a clerk at Walgreens in this little town said they didnt have it but knows they carry it in their other store in Tulsa. She was right so I now have to state --go to Walgreens open 24\7 in Tulsa 71st and Lewis and avoid repeating yourself over and over again in lil cities lol.
My next quest is going to be more difficult and costly---Oral Surgeon. Once and for all. Focus will be on teeth and car this year it seems but it will enable me to drive around with pearly whites ;0D
Heres to good health, white teeth, and fine running machines!


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