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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Direct from the Group.........

The luckiest and most fair of all people would have; been born in the
suburbs, spent time in both the city and country, belonged to only
one race --the human race, and been both secure in the gender they
were born to and have had a respect for the gender they were
not. "To thine ownself be true." And to others be tolerant. They
chose no more than you did where they were born or what shell they
live in. Don't be proud of the color of your skin or to whom you were
born--you didnt do shit to earn it. Be proud of who you have become
and who you have helped on their journey. Be proud of what you have

I'm not sure where I was going with this--other than we all need to
look outside of ourselves at times. If you want acceptance than you
must learn to tolerate others and their differences. Some things
truly don't matter--If a man asks for directions --good --if he
doesn't-- good luck on your journey. Same for a woman. But heed one
warning: Only a fool learns from their own experience. There are too
many ways to learn from other's mistakes and triumphs.

I read blonde jokes and hater type jokes all the time. Sometimes I
can see where they would be funny. Then of course I change them to
brunette jokes etc. Most of the time I do find certain jokes boring
(I'm not referring to any of the jokes posted here) but only because
I'm thinking either "yes I know this- so what?" or "yeah, as if". But
none really make me mad as it's reality that people feel certain ways
or they just don't understand one another. It's ok. Turn the page.

As far as the male vs. female thing. We are all good and we are all
bad. Sometimes we are exactly alike and sometimes totally
different. Guess what? We mate. Ok? Do we want to be exactly
alike? I hope not. Even in gay relationships it's seldom you find
anyone who wants a clone of themselves I'm sure.

Respect each other.

**** not all that I say is to be taken literally so no I'm not saying
the suburbs are where it's at nor am I saying to shop in the city and
relax in the country. What I am saying is ........Peace


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