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Friday, September 23, 2005


I can remember like it was yesterday, my mother rushing over to me," Susie, check this out, I learned this from tv, it's to measure trust". There I went. "Ok." (duh)
I was 6 years old and obviously already too trusting although I was slowly figuring it all out. Mom served to speed it up just a tad.
"Now, Susie, I will stand behind you and you just fall back and trust that I'll catch you." I started to but was a little hestitant what with the voices in my head saying" Don't do it, you fool." Finally, I stand there, like an idiot, and fall back. I can still remember that loud crash as I hit the floor almost landing on her toes. "Oh, Geez, You almost got my toes." she said laughing with tears in her eyes. As she walked away still laughing she said, "Funny thing about trust, isn't it?"
Ah, memories.
I've heard people talk about that same "exercise" and I think to myself "You aint getting me in THAT trickbag again!" lmao
That was a valuable lesson; Mom was KOO KOO.


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