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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Sleepy Saturday

I had such big plans for today that is before I slept. I slept and slept the day away -I slept I slept I slept I say. The phone, the answering machine, the kids (who were on their way elsewhere any how), the pets--everyone was just trying to rip me away from my much needed rest. I stayed strong-I slept.
Back aches are kind of tricky. If it's just a muscle ache you can rest and or soak it away. But, when it hurst down to the bone as if they were all crushed and fused as one, it's a different story. Problem is, it feels so good when you're asleep, but the pain is worse than when it started when you awake. Kind of makes ya feel like not waking up. Sooner or later you have to wake up and because of all the extra sleep you usually get a bad headache on top of it. You're left with a tough decision. Sleep for immediate relief and wake up with puffy dark eyes,dizziness, headache, stiffness and more tired than ever, or , tough it thru (which is usually what causes the problem to begin with), and never get any relief from pain. there should be a happy medium in there someplace. But I'm convinced that there isn't.
I'm awake now, a little less pain other than my eyes hurting lol. Everyone else is gone-living. I may as well be asleep now as the day is over and I still have no energy to do a damn thing. Thank you, mother internet, for being here. The cat, who is staring at the floor, even looks depressed and mad at me for sleeping. The dog is talking to his neighbor friend, she is a bitch but her loves her.
I should have never given away that gerbil. Rosey was so cool and a perfect friend for times like these. I gave her away to go shack up with an idiot. I let the idiot and now I have no Rosey. Lil one is old enough now to know that she can't leave the gerbil in the middle of the floor to wait for her return. She did this with Smokey, Rosey's roomate and friend. Smokey took off and to this day we don't know if she left town, mingled and multiplied with common mice, or just lived a life of a hermit snacking on our crumbs in that old house. All we know is we wished her the best and never seen nor heard from her again. Not so much as a postcard. The common mice were like thugs. Thug mice. I hope they didn't take advantage of her or influence her into things that were not in her nature. Then again perhaps there are some half breed(mousebils or germice) running around Kelly Lane. Maybe a whole new breed of superior mice looking gerbils. Kind of neat.
It would be wiser to strengthen a bad back and prevent it from hurting again. To rest it is weakening it further, I do know. The thoughts of actually taking my own advise in itself, is frightening and painful. Kind of makes me want to nap lol.
Well, here I go, getting booted,lets see if my post shall remain this time. Tis the true test of my FF 1.5 beta 1.
Well I appear to be still here.
Truth is, that for me, to relax is to sleep. Relaxing makes me nervous. When I am awake, I am 100%. I'm alert and aware. I'd much rather be asleep than to feel 50%(tired unaware etc). I guess I have that all or none thing going on.
I have tomorrow off and perhaps I will go swimming or something. I shant be held to anything, for monday starts another weak of back pain.
I'm going now to make a hot cup of java. I'm going to drink until sleep comes knocking once again. My back feels better although I've sort of taken on the shape of a turtle without it's shell. It's more comfy that way ..........
Stay tuned.


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