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Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Currently, my house is a dark, dim and dismal disaster area with a big beautiful pot of bright yellow flowers in the middle of the livingroom that somehow, steals the attention from the junk. My middle boy and his girl gave me these for my birthday along with a giftcard, wallet and a well picked out greeting card. We watched a movie and ate a modest feast last night together. Perfect laid back evening. We ate on paper using plasticware. No worries, it was nice........

I had to make a decision the other day. I had some friends in a near by city who will have to be once per year acquaintences or less. They live for, love, and create chaos. They like to pretend that they can't stand it and are "thrown" into it. In realty, thru their lies and gossip, they create it. I knew the woman of the house had it in her to do this, but it baffled me that the young man was more of washwoman than she. He may as well start wearing dresses and a bandana. But I guess that would ruin the "surprise" for everyone.
It was late at night by the time I got home from work. I called over there with pure intentions. I wanted to let the young man know I got him an everyday ride into his trade school. Turns out he was too worried about his convenience getting home etc. Seems it wasn't that important to him afterall. One would think getting the early morning ride in would be the hard part and the casual bus ride to a mile from home in the afternoon could be worked out. But no. Ok fine. He thanked me alright, but had to go on about a phone call he received that just totally got the entire house hold upset to the point they couldn't eat dinner etc ( of course it had nothing to do with the fact that the lady of the house just got in her damn self) I don't even want to cover all the twisted details of his delusion or her dementia but, basically; He told me THE CALLS STARTED AT 9 AND ENDED AT 9:30. actually one call placed at 8:15. SAID MY SON BEGAN USING DRUGS AND WAS BEATING HIS WOMAN actually his gf said he would never hit her and hasn't done drugs. WAS ON FOOT AND IN DANGER OF LOSING ALL POSSESSIONS. actually was told to get word to her as to when to cook supper or if they are going out.
A little voice told me not to bite on this, but also being human and not knowing at the time why anyone would lie, and having terrible pictures of my son on a rampage on drugs naked with no possessions possibly running from the law or something, I was beginning to freak. I asked to speak to the lady of the house and she is the one that, while she tried to make as though she actually believed this, revealed the truth accidentally. She had said she didn't want the girl calling there and to be "put in the middle of the drama" she then put on an act as if she were just trying to sit down and eat her supper. Like this wouldn't have been right up her alley anyways.
Ok like one phone call asking them if they seen my son (who they pretend is like family), to have him call. These people had 3 hours to sit and concoct a story. They told me in order to what? Worry me since I'm such a good friend like family? They did this in hopes of having a more exciting story to tell a worried mother? Or do they not worry so assume I wouldn't either? After I dug out the truth, which only took a call or two, I went to bed. Ok, I skipped the part where I called them to tell them, "since somehow this story got messed up in the translation(NOT! As the lie was created immediately upon hang up), I thought I would set your mind at rest and tell you that they are together and fine after a verbal argument."
I woke up early the next morning thinking, fuck it. These people had no concern for me making up stuff for their own sick entertainment. This is what they do and I have to accept that. Hard to call such people friends. I don't get bored where I make up tragedy like this and try to get people upset. And yes if my son got on drugs and beat women it would upset me. I would have to take action and somehow encourage a break up and counseling/rehab or whatever the situation called for. For them to take a simple phone call and pretend to be concerned for the girl they hate to begin with, and turn it into this is sick. Perhaps they were hoping to make this girl look like the liar. Frankly I'm not wasting any more time guessing. Its time to move on. They should have saved their gossip for their own dinner table--not shared with me after a long days work.
The man of the house probably sat as usual shaking his head in silence like I've seen him do in the past while they brewed up sheer evil. Regardless of their reasons for doing this I have decided to remove them from my world. I choose realty as opposed to their fantasy. In truth, it was rather expensive to be their friend anyways.

My best friend moved to Georgia some time ago. I'm perfectly willing to just have my work associates. I have my family which includes our dog and cat. That is all I need. And, of course, I have the internet lol. There is drama and deceit here too but I can just minimize if need be lol.

I'm still waiting on my digital as it's been back ordered. It's always good to have something to look forward to.

I have decided that I do not hate these people. I am trying to understand that they are just sort of hermits and get bored. But I just can't burden myself with them if they think their storytelling is more important than my feelings. I just simply don't have room for negative people in my life. There is enough mandatory negative we are faced with- without opting for additional sources. I have always looked out for their feelings and covered for their weirdness. It has become more difficult over the years. I never expected them to be as fair nor as tolerant as I was with them, but this last stunt was just too shameful on their part. I just really can't come up with anymore excuses for them. I'm just not into self inflicted misery.

I think I will go see the grandbaby today. We may just take a nap together hee hee hee.


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