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Sunday, October 23, 2005


So far we know that album builder on sucks and is worthless while it hogs precious space on your pc===Poof it be gone. Flickr is ok but it's affiliated with yahoo yet you can't post directly to 360 nor can you display it's "badge" there with any ease. Blogger is number one. Mindsay has the most active comments within it's community. It is a yong adult community for the most part yet there a few of us oldies. Awesome for artists of all ages. Photobucket is the best of its kind and the easiest to use. Picasa is good as an editor, to get photos from your digital, and to store in specific folders. It is also extremely fast to gather all images. Hello doesn't actually thrill me. However, blogger upload does grande. I love my HP digital but the software that came with it sucks. I don't need it anyways. Google Talk, I'll never know about as it isn't compatible with my OS = Poof! It be gone too. Gmail is the bomb! Best email ever. Firefox is still the best browser and I just like purple bunny cause it's a great concept and can be useful. FF beta solved issues I had with blogger immediately but you will have to update your purple bunny toolbar. Ok, the bunny is cute too. He can juggle and all.
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