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Monday, October 17, 2005


The people who have used this ashtray! Me for one, every day, every break. This is a "real" ashtray like a "no joke" sort of ashtray. The sounds of BS gently fade away as I focus my attention on this very ashtray. The secret ashtray lol.
More dashboard scanning.
I tried to avoid construction and ran into this --other construction. Seems like everywhere you turn there is long term construction going on. They are no doubt getting paid by the hour?
The daisy in this pic is none other than my humming bird attracting antenna ornament.
Athough fall is here, we have been doing some long needed Spring cleaning. It's exhausting work but we managed to find homes for tons of clothes. Most near new and name brand. Our cat helped where he could along the way. We still have more sorting to do as we have not yet tackled the dreaded closet nor the storage house. This should be fun. I can wait lol.
Typical view on my way to work. My dashboard cam can't resist. Note* no fall colors as of yet. :0(
The kiddos made my day(bday) with this mother's necklace that includes my stone, my five bambinos, and my grand angel. I love my babies.
Not bad for a pic of a pic of a pic of my doggie LEO. He is awesome. If you look close you can see my reflection as I took the final shot lol.
I still have some color in my yard despite the leaves not changing around these parts. I had tons of these butterfly attracting Tithonias. That is until my son desided to tie his doggy within feet of a group of them. RIP ...ah the Tithonias, not the doggy. That is ok as I still have this group of them left complete with at least 100 butterflies at times.


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