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Friday, October 07, 2005

Today, I'm here

I'm awake, it's a new day and my camera's on it's way. I've got smokes, coffee, and no one has called yet. I've got an hour to play before getting ready for work. I have a check to deposit and no bills due today. This is the life lol. It may not last long but it only has to last until midnight. Then it's a new day with new adventures.
I did get a call from the young man described in the gossip post. I guess, instead of appoligizing or covering up, he was trying to feel things out. He said he just called to mess with me. I almost told him he had done enough of that the other night with his lies. But, I didn't. Instead I just talked about nothing for a breif time, not even trying to disguise the truth in my voice. I think he got it.
It's kind of sad, as though we had "broke up" in some sort of way.
Work is going well other than being understaffed.
I hate that fall is here. I miss the summer fun. At least if it were colorful like up north, it would be something. It's just sort of cold, dark, and light brown here.
The docter's office wrote me to tell me to come in. Next week, perhaps.
I have to set up an appt for insurance (health) sometime soon.
My son is going to visit a lady at the nursing home who requested to see him. Her eyes lit up when she found he was perfectly willing, in fact eager to share his company while talking with her about JC. I'm happy for them. I'm possitive it will renew her love of life and comfort her about her departure from it.
I'm very proud of all my children with their contributions in life.
I miss my grandbaby as it's been 12 hours since I've seen her last. She is so cute and smart.
My daughter is being a very loving and attentive mother. She is so in tune with the baby's needs and wants.
My eldest son got a new pup for his birthday. Cute little beast he is. Ah, that is, the dog. Son is cute too --more so to the girls at work apparently lol.
I have a wire stabbing me in the side. My bra is starting to make me feel like some poor, wanna be, low tech, espionage agent working for chump change. Soon I will have that little antenne thing digging in my cleavage. I'll be faced with the decision of whether or not to rip it out. I know not to take out just one though --that whole triangular shaped boob thing is so not cool. I lost a wire once when staying at my friends house. Her whole family tried to guess what it was. One thought it was a hair band while the other tried to play horse shoes with it. The look on their faces when the item was identified was priceless.

It's getting close to the time where I venture out into the unknown and leave the security and solitude of my humble abode. I may leave part of me here so I will have something familar and safe to return to when the time comes. The kids and the pets are ever changing. I'll give me a report of the days events upon return lol.

As always, life is good.


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