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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Tonight's moon and streetlight. (I wanted the contrast-but it wasn't good for showing the spooky looking clouds........

It's so hard to explain to an infant why you would voluntarily take her to a place, sit there and let them stab her 3 times and not kill the fools who dare hurt her. She was brave and forgiving however.

Jennia's lil digital cam.

It just looked so pretty blue on the way to my grandbaby's house.

Damn construction-- again.

Oh yeah, the little man hurried to cut me off and proceded on to drive like a snail in front of me. You can see the shadow of the car beside me in the next lane. Luckily, he pulled off onto the grass and to the next exit rather quickly after this shot. Hmm.

She always looks at Granny this way!

She is so talented with her "holding own bottle" technique she devised. She is four months old now ---officially "Baby". She is well on her way to becoming a full fledged "Kid". I think we won't focus on "Toddler" as I haven't actually recovered from those times yet lol.

I'll be looking for some actual autumn images in the near future.


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