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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Back Online

After having to trash my old computer I'm happy to say that I'm:
At home and online!
Although, disappointed in purple bunny moving to a new host and not telling me. It's no wonder the last install of purple bunny wasn't compatible with the new 2.0 Firefox (which incidentally works like a charm). I found a French site similar but not a place I care to visit often.

I have spent hours upgrading, downloading, installing and customizing. Now is the time for blogging.

I've been only working temp jobs since October so it's like a long vacation filled with photos and adventures. Yeah, I've been bored to tears.

I've got the new blogger although I don't see many changes yet. As always my IE doesn't seem to like blogger but my Firefox seems to just fine.

I have got to spend more time with the grandbaby.

I got to: visit some fun places in Tulsa with the kiddos;

Work on some of my art;

Eat a lot of pizza;

Play with my camera;

watch one cat wait for birds;

watch another freaky-eyed one stare;

Admire my snow dog;

Catch up on zzzzzz's x2;

work on home improvements and maintenance;
and mainly take care of some things that working long hours doesn't permit you to accomplish. No cabin fever here as it's been a welcomed change from the hectic schedule I was keeping. Damn it --but the party is about over lol.

*That old song again "I owe, I owe, it's back to work I go"............

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